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Google Reviews

Customers and clients are always delighted to tell their friends about their great experiences with you, and Google reviews makes that quick and easy! Simply go to Google and type in the name of the business you wish to review. You should then see info about the business and a gray “Write a Review” button at the right side of page. If you don’t, then try adding the city and state to your search. Once you see this info at right, click on the “Write a Review” button. (You may have to scroll down a bit to see this button). In the window that comes up you can rate the business by selecting the number of stars (1 through 5) that you feel it has earned and then you can write about your experience below that. If you don’t wish to write a review, simply rate the business. Either of these actions will be greatly appreciated by the people that have served you- and it will really help their business!

As a small business, Do I really need a Blog?

Question: As a small business, Do I really need a Blog?

Answer: Yes

The reasons are many, but here are just a few. In the area you do business, you’re likely competing against businesses very similar to your own. Having a Blog is one more way to differentiate your business from your competition. A Blog should be considered mandatory if your competitors are already blogging, but if they’re not blogging it makes sense to take advantage of the opportunity they’ve handed you.